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If you keep your body healthy and well maintained it will consequently improve your sexual capabilities, appetite and, as a bonus, your attractiveness and self confidence. Whatever age you are, cutting down on cholesterol and keeping your heart and arteries in good shape is the best thing you can do for your sex life. 

Food supplements reputed to increase your energy levels, physical, mental and sexual are most need due to a busy, bad eating and demanding life. These include Maca, L-Arginine, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Guarana.


Forever Multi-Maca®
Maca, also known as Lepidium Meyenii, is an annual plant that is cultivated in the Peruvian central highlands. The edible root, which resembles a radish, is a staple food for the local population.

Maca has been highly revered for over 2,000 years in Peru. According to legend, the Incan warriors ate Maca for strength and endurance before going to battle. The Spanish Conquistadors called it the “sex herb of the Incas.” Today it is known as “Peruvian Ginseng”. Modern studies suggest that Maca may promote libido, sexual potency and energy.

Women in South America have also used Maca for thousands of years to help maintain their stamina and handle stress. Peruvian women begin using Maca at age 3, and remain strong, fertile and productive, well into their later life. Maca may increase a woman’s libido, and should be taken daily for best results.

Forever Multi-Maca® combines legendary Peruvian Maca with other powerful herbs and select ingredients, to create one of the finest supplements of its kind!
  •  * Known as the Sex Herb of the Incas
  •  * Helps promote Libido, Stamina and Energy.
L-Arginine is an amino acid that’s so potent, scientists refer to it as the “Miracle Molecule.”  And for good reason, because our bodies convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels relax and open wide to support blood flow. Enhance blood flow supports many important systems in our body:
   * Overall cardiovascular system
   * Immune system
   * Muscles
   * Bone & skeletal system
   * Male genitourinary system
   * Blood vessels

With so many health benefits, it’s no wonder L-Arginine is generating so much excitement. New ARGI+® provides all the power of L-Arginine, plus:
   * Pomegranate – well-known for its strong antioxidant properties
   * Red Grape Extract –to help support normal cholesterol levels already in the normal range.
   * Grape Skin and Berry extracts for cardiovascular and immune system support

Together, these ingredients create a new generation of supplement – one that supports better health throughout your entire body. Just a scoop of ARGI+® mixed with Forever® Natural Spring Water or your favorite Aloe drink helps provide a performance boost to every part of you. Add optimal health to your family’s diet with the power of L-Arginine! 

Forever Royal Jelly®
Royal Jelly is a substance derived from the pharyngeal glands of the honey bee. This “super food” of the bees is specially blended with enzymes and fed to each bee destined to become a queen. It is the exclusive food of the queen bee throughout her highly productive life, enabling her to lay up to 3,000 eggs per day during her six-year lifespan. Worker bees eating ordinary honey live only four to six weeks. Royal Jelly can help support the immune system, increase energy, and benefit the skin and hair.
  •  * Boosts energy and supports the immune system
  •  * Easily absorbed and readily digestible
  •  * No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
Forever Ginkgo Plus®
Feed your creativity with Ginkgo Biloba, the legendary “brain tonic” dating back five millennia. Forever Ginkgo Plus® is a unique blend of four Chinese plants. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, its chief ingredient, is combined with the powerful Chinese herbs of Ganoderma from Reishi mushrooms, Schisandra berries and cured Fo-ti.

The ginkgo tree is said to be the oldest surviving tree species. They live incredibly long (often over 1,000 years), and are extremely resistant to fungi and insects. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most popular herbal supplements available in Europe and North America.

Extract from the ginkgo leaf yields flavonoids and terpenoids which strengthen capillaries. They also act as antioxidants. Ginkgo has been shown to increase circulation of blood to the brain, making it a remarkable “brain tonic.”

Forever Garlic-Thyme®
The dietary use of garlic and thyme has been traced back thousands of years. An Egyptian papyrus dating from 1,500BC listed 22 healthy uses for garlic. Today, we are starting to understand how they work.

Garlic and thyme, the two powerful antioxidants found in Forever Garlic-Thyme®, combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health. When garlic is cut or crushed, enzymes react to produce a powerful immune-enhancing agent. Studies have shown that garlic’s other ingredients help the metabolism convert fats to energy and protect the body against free radicals.
Thyme contains saponins and other beneficial antioxidant substances.
  • * Powerful antioxidant
  • * Odorless, softgel capsule
  • * Helps protect the body against free radicals
  • * Helps support the conversion of fats to energy
  • * Stress and over-work are the most common causes of a reduced sex drive. Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and above all, try to relax and switch off.

  • * Poor diet; if you're not getting enough vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids hormone imbalances may arise and have a big effect on your sex drive.

  • * Lack of exercise will affect metabolism and hormone balance, increase your level of exercise    and sustain it, it will take a month to see any benefit. Beware of over exercising as it can lower testosterone; don't push yourself to extremes.

  • * Being overweight can cause sluggishness, low energy levels, a diminished libido and low self    esteem. Consuming too many carbohydrates raises serotonin which will further lower your sex drive.

  • * Excessive alcohol consumption reduces testosterone production. Extreme long term abuse can cause impotence, shrunken testicles.

  • * Medication; some can affect your libido, ask your doctor about your prescription and how it may affect you, it may be possible to change the dose or switch to another drug if necessary.

  • * Male menopause; testosterone levels peak in your late 20s to early 30s, by the time you are 40 there will be a gradual decrease, about 1% a year initially. Men can even experience some    of the symptoms women have in the menopause, hot flushes etc, unlike women it should be gradual.

  • * Smoking, it can cause high blood pressure and bad circulation, it will also lower your sperm count. Having a high sperm count acts as a trigger boosting sex drive.
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     In 2001, the Asian Journal of Andrology published a study indicating that in men, maca improved seminal volume, sperm motility (the ability to move spontaneously), and sperm count. Nine adult men in their twenties through forties took either 1500mg or 3000mg maca for four months. Sexual hormone levels were tested as well as semen and sperm levels. Male sexual hormone levels were not affected at all from maca, but sperm count and motility were definitely improved by taking maca. 

A year later, scientists wanted to know if elevated mood was the reason maca had a positive effect on male sexual desire. For twelve weeks, males between the ages of 21 and 56 also took either 1500mg maca, 3000mg maca, or a placebo. Tests were performed at four, eight, and twelve weeks during the study to determine how each man felt about his own sexual desire, evidence of clinical depression, and anxiety. After eight weeks on maca, the men noted an improvement in sexual desire. There was no change in male sex hormone levels in either the maca group or the placebo group.

Did you know;

In ancient Persia, couples drank honey mead every day for a month after they married to get them in the mood for love (known as the honey month or honeymoon). Honey is rich in B vitamins, needed for testosterone production and its fructose content aids stamina and provides a slow and steady release of energy, so rolling over and falling asleep will not be an option.

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