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Are you aware of this?

Fluoride is not the beneficial additive that is purported to be. At least in some countries they have the warnings on all tubes of toothpaste that have fluoride.

Oh, you did not know that?
Well if you have a tube of toothpaste in your house check it out and you will find the warning. There is enough fluoride in a typical tube of toothpaste to kill two small children if they consumed the entire tube at once.

This really isn't rocket science. If it kills you in large doses, doesn't it stand to reason that in smaller doses it probably is not a wise choice?
Throw out your toothpaste and go to the health food store and find one without fluoride which is Forever Bright® Toothgel.

Aloe vera has long been treasured for its quality and versatility - including dental care. Your teeth will gleam with Forever Bright®, one of the best toothgels on the market.

Formulated for the entire family to use, Forever Bright® contains only the highest quality ingredients. It is also suitable for vegetarians since it contains no animal by-products. Natural peppermint and spearmint flavorings leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Years of research, development and collaboration with scholars and dentists have provided Forever Living with the optimum aloe-based formula for effective cleaning. Your family will love the flavor and the clean mouth-feel. Note: This product does not contain fluoride.

* Contains bee propolis
* Formulated for the entire family
* Does not contain fluoride

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We have branches in 150+ countries.
Still don't believe toothpaste with fluoride is not good for you?
Then read:

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