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This article was inspired by Robert Kiyosaki the author of The Business of the 21st Century and the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad. Kiyosaki teaches us how to take control of our future and why we need to have a business of our own because there is no longer such as thing as a safe and secure job. He provides tools and a framework for how to become successful at network marketing and reaching your full potential. You may doubt your abilities and believe that you do not have the education needed to become successful at network marketing. Education is not the key to attract targeted prospects to your network marketing business. The key is deeper inside of you.
By understanding Robert Kiyosaki belief about the four types of people in this world, better explains how to grow your network marketing strategies and improve your marketing mindset. Robert Kiyosaki the four kinds of people that are categorized in quadrants: right, comfortable, liked and win.
1. RIGHT may also be known as the “KNOW-IT-ALL”
On a professional level: In the “Right” category we find the people who think that they know-it-all. Many of them believe that their higher education puts them on a pedestal to judge because they have all of the right answers. Furthermore, if you don’t have the same education, you’re not qualified to teach them anything new. The know-it-alls do not have the marketing mindset required for network marketing, simply because they are too set in their ways. They like to argue with you because they know all of the right answers and trying to become a successful leader in network marketing isn’t for you because you don’t have the right education.
On a personal level: You may have a close family member who does not understand or support your network marketing business. You may realize that the person close to use uses his or her way of communicating a defense mechanism or covering up an insecurity. Until this person experiences a breakthrough you both are better off on agreeing to disagree, support each other as you are, and discourage conversations that cause frustration or pain.
Robert Kiyosaki, How to Become Successful at Network Marketing,
2. COMFORTABLE may also be known as the “COUCH POTATO” or “ADDICT”
On a professional level: Kiyosaki said that these are the people where their house could be on fire but they’re still watching TV, eating their hot dog, while the world’s economy is moving on. These are the people who are dependent on their governments and will not venture out of their comfort zones. They are the people who don’t look for opportunities to improve their skillset in their current job. They’re not interested in reading books on network marketing or dream about home based business ideas because their number one priority is to be comfortable and that’s it.
On a personal level: A person stops maturing at the age that he or she became an addict or alcoholic, and need to go through recovery before pursuing a home-based business or get easy network marketing training. In fact, one of my main supporters with my network business now funnels all of her energies into her networking business which has greatly impacted her family. She truly is an inspiration and treasure from above! It is amazing when one person choses healing the domino effect it has on her family, especially the magical impact on her mother. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel if the “comfortable” people just get off of the couch and move forward. How do you know when you’re talking to people about your home based business ideas, how do you know what they are really thinking?
How to Become Successful at Network Marketing,  Robert Kiyosaki,
3. LIKED may also be known as the “PEOPLE PLEASER”
On a professional level: People who need to be liked all the time want to make sure that they say the right things to somebody else because they are always looking for their approval. They feel empty inside or give into fears, either way this personality type would not be able to become a successful leader because the Law of Attraction applies. People do not want to follow others that are insecure. They seem very fragile and childlike.
On a personal level: What a lonely place that would be, feeling like you can’t be yourself with others or you would be rejected. I’ve have seen a number of people healed through childhood traumas through Rita Bennett’s Emotionally Free course.
Robert Kiyosaki, how to become successful at network marketing,
4. WIN may also be known as the “GO GETTER”
On a professional level: People who will become a successful leader in network marking must be a go getter. They want to win and can taste success. They are realistic that it will mean a lot of hard work, dedication, and time. As, Kiyosaki pointed out that the world economy has moved and is not coming back. If you’re a winner, you are willing to sacrifice and not fall down when somebody tries to knock you out. He said that one of the best things that he learned in the military was that doesn’t matter how many time you get knocked down, but what really matters is how many times you will stand back up. You understand that when you keep standing up, you’ll be able to help others to do the same thing and make an impact on the world. Even though you’ll find every race, age, gender and background in network marketing, the common denominator is that they’re what it takes to win.
On a personal level:
Kiyosaki shares “that it really is a true playing field in the world, but not for the Right, Comfortable, Liked people because these people will be left behind. Network Marketing is for people who want to win, because network marketing is the business model of the future. If you want the government to take care of you, then just keep doing what you want to do. It is possible for everyone to win. The problem is that you have got to commit to it and say this is what I am going to do. I’m going to dedicate 5 years of my life and look at the leaders and say those are the kind of people I want to be like and those are the kind of people I want to hang out with. That is what you have got to say to yourself. I want to help other people do what I want to do and win in life. That is why I support Network Marketing because it really is the business for the 21st century.”
how to become successful at network marketing, Robert Kiyosaki,
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