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Screen is everywhere (Computer, Cellphone, Laptop and TV)
Right now you are staring at a screen, ah ah a! Are you not reading this? You must read this. 
Are you to staring at a screen (computer, television, laptop, tablets and mobile phones) almost the entirety of the day? This makes our eyes feel tired, dry, and uncomfortable while posing a high risk of harming our eyesight. The amount of time we spend hooked to our television screens, tablets and mobile phones is a major factor contributing to eye-exhausting time. “Computer vision syndrome,” is a condition as a result of digital eye strain. While we would love to avoid this by relaxing or taking a walk, we cannot run away from the need to use our desktops or other devices to work. American business and technology news website, Business Insider, has listed 5 things you can do to neutralize the physical problems caused by staring at your computer, recommended by medical experts at the Vision Council and other health reviews.

It seems rather funny but most of the time we forget to blink. If you are able to consciously remind yourself to blink, it helps. Eye drops are another very easy and useful way to stop your eyes from getting very dry.

Increase the font
When the font you are working with is small, it causes you to squint while leaning further towards the screen. This usually causes headaches, exhaustion and other complications. It is advisable to enhance colour contrast and increase text size.

The 20-20-20 rule
 “After 20 minutes of work, take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away.” According to Business insider, your eyes already have muscles that help them move and focus on different objects, but if we keep looking at a screen the same distance away for hours at a time, it is difficult for those muscles to adjust once we move again. To avoid feeling a bit fuzzy towards the end of the day, distract yourself at intervals.

Exposure to Limit blue-light in the first place
The bright light is hardly avoided, but there are ways to curb its lasting effects on our eyes. The first involves taking breaks from the screen; you can also carry out some of your tasks on paper such as meetings. Glasses, anti-glare filters and even apps that reduce light intensity some blue light can also help.

Place your monitor strategically
Your computer needs to be at least 35 to 40 inches away, “with the centre of the screen about 5 inches below eye level.” This position will help prevent visual strain while reducing your chances of feeling any back or neck pain.

Don’t forget most jobs require working closely with your computer.
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